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26 August 2006 @ 06:37 pm
My Interpretation Of Well  
Ok I will be posting the meanings of certain songs,in which I think meant something important to Katey

In this song the lyrics were mainly meant for Sarah,but this excerpt explains what the song truly is about:

"I was holding you so close

So much was meant to be

Thought I heard your voice – but you let go

You took so much of me

Darling, my little one

Did it have to be this way..."

This song was used to remind Sarah she had a sister,yet tell the feeling of emotional pain Katey endured.

Cold is my heart, filled with loneliness
I don't wanna feel this empty room
Or feel alone again
But I must remember this
I have no crystal ball
I can see the other side of the wall
Let me be filled with faith again

This song was written to show emotional pain Katey felt after her father's death...the struggle to have faith in herself

Loads of references to her past in this song

If everything happens for the best
If fate is never second guessed
Then why does right feel so wrong
I have my life its a lovely world
People think I'm a lucky girl

Katey's trying to say that she's got a great life,but she's like everyone else.

When I was young I thought for sure
That when I grew up I'd be secure
Why do I share in all the pain
Maybe there's something inside me
I'll ask the moon, the stars, the sea
To take my heart and guide me home

Katey's trying to explain how she thought she'd be safe,but was led astray...and asks nature to guide her back onto a path.

Take me back to better times when things were calm, innocent
And keep me wise enought to know what I can change
And what I cant, save me
Save me

Katey wants to remember when she was a child and everything was okay. She wants to be be able to change certain parts of her life,and parts she can't-- she wants to be pulled to safety.

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Michellepinkdagger on August 27th, 2006 04:23 am (UTC)
I love this. Will you be doing more of it?